Free Resume Templates for Microsoft Word

Free resume templates for Word are in high demand among job seekers. Where to find them?

Microsoft’s own template repository has a large number of nice-looking free resume templates for Word. You can go here and conveniently explore them in your browser.


Here are several of our picks—


1. Headshot



A creative resume template with tons of bold color and non-standard shading. A good pick for candidates seeking a job at a non-corporate environment (think advertising, new media or graphic design). Get it here.


2. Blue Spheres



Another fresh-looking resume template to make your job application stand out from the black-and-white crowd (also, it’s available in multiple color schemes). Again, be careful with this one if you’re eying a job in a conservative field. Go for this kind of resume style only if you know your target company is rather relaxed. Get it here.


3. Contemporary



This free MS Word template is still on the “modern” side of the design spectrum, but the graphic elements are simple and geometric. It has a two-column layout and a bar chart that illustrates your proficiency in the skills you include in your resume. A good resume template for candidates in the IT or tech fields. Recommended for entry-level job-seekers. Get it here.


4. Minimalist



The best part of this resume template? The prominent section headings to make it easy for recruiters to spot the most important parts. Minimalist (as the name implies) and modern at the same time, will work great for candidates in sales, customer service, or real estate. Get it here.


5. Basic



This free modern resume template has a timeless design. Also, thanks to minimizing graphical embellishments and a single column layout, it’s suitable for candidates across all industries and levels of experience. The first template on our list that can be used by senior candidates. Get it here.




What are the advantages of using free resume templates for Word?


Most of them are entirely free resume templates, and there are lot to choose from.


The disadvantages?


Once you start adding your own content you’ll realize that it’s not that easy to get the resume formatting right—especially when the content that you’re adding differs substantially from what you can see in the original template.

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